Wait! Stop Going to the Movies

How to Visualize A Successful Sales Pitch

Stop going to the movies. Not what you’d expect to hear during Academy Award season. But no, not those movies. I mean the movies that we play and replay in our heads, especially when we enter new or uncomfortable situations.

People have a great collection of movies stored in their memory banks and not all of them have happy endings. Which movie do you play when you are about to have an uncomfortable conversation with a client or colleague? How about the tragedy, My Pitch Was Gone with the Wind or Desperately Seeking Sales, both directed by you. These two incredible films might earn you an Oscar for Best Actor or at least a Best Director nomination, but they’re detrimental to your career. The goal is to replace The Titanic with The Greatest Show on Earth.

Whatever movie we tell our mind to play, it will play it the way we envision it. After all, we’re directing it.  We will even feel the emotions as the scene unfolds. For example, have you ever visualized a conversation that you plan to have with someone? During the movie in our head we’re so stressed out about whether we can pull this off that we undermine ourselves. If that happens the leading actor won’t get the happily ever after or the sale. So happy endings are crucial to achieving success.

It’s OK to watch a movie in your head as long as it’s a feel-good adventure. The challenge is to edit, reframe and direct that movie to end the way we want it to end.  The final cut will influence our behaviors and, in many cases, will affect the outcomes of these meetings.

So how do you shoot the film to achieve a positive outcome?  How do you visualize success in a meeting or conversation?  Think about what success would look like and feel like in this situation. Visualize you in the starring role as an eloquent, self-confident protagonist with a winning delivery. Visualize your client nodding in agreement, asking questions and you confidently replying with the air of authority.  As the credits are about to roll, come in for a close-up of a handshake that seals the deal.

But before all the applause goes to your head, recognize that visualization is only half of the epic tale. You can hone the script, edit to your heart’s content and roll out a huge advertising campaign, but that’s all just preparation for the actual premiere. You can visualize success, but you won’t actually achieve it unless you make that phone call, set up that meeting, or arrange that lunch. Take control and make it happen. You’re the director. Only then can you bring your movie to life. Only then will you actually make the sale. Only then will you see a true happy ending.

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