5 Reasons Why Jeremy Lin is a Superstar

5 Reasons Why Jeremy Lin is a Superstar— And How to Follow his Playbook

Jeremy Lin’s meteoric rise may seem sudden, but the seeds of Linsanity were sown over an intense 18 months of training, introspection and persistence. He may have just burst onto the scene, but he’s no overnight sensation.

Popular wisdom is that Jeremy Lin was overlooked because scouts and coaches weren’t smart enough to recognize his talent. But the Jeremy Lin who’s been taking the court by storm is not the same player who was ignored by the NBA draft.

Jeremy Lin is a star because he worked hard, persevered and believed in himself. And how he did it offers lessons for everyone, especially those seeking success in business. Follow his playbook and you, too, can be in like Lin:

1.      Be the first to arrive and the last to leave.

After signing as a free agent with the Golden State Warriors, Lin was the first player in every day, arriving at 8:30am for practices that began at noon. He left late. His work ethic gave him time to work on drills and caught the attention of his coaches.

2.      Watch tapes of yourself.

Lin devoured tapes. He asked to see his turnovers and missed jump shots. He studied what went wrong and worked to correct his mistakes. You can do the same: tape your presentations and watch yourself in action. Do you speak clearly? Make eye contact? Do you stammer? Use your hands too much? You’ll get over the initial cringe factor and it will improve your performance.

3.      Build your skills.

Every day Lin did drills to improve his pick-and-roll game, jumper and 3-point shot. He lifted weights and gained 12 pounds of muscle and added 3.5 inches to his vertical leap. You can do drills, too: improve your PowerPoint design skills; practice your diction; practice writing concise, powerful headlines; create charts and graphs that tell your story.

4.      Work with a trainer.

In addition to NBA coaches and assistants, Lin sought out his own trainer to work on his physical strength and endurance. If your company isn’t giving you the support you need to take your game to the next level, take a class or get a sales coach. Professional trainers may see something in you that you and your management team do not. It’s not as expensive as you may think and may only require a few sessions.

5.      Believe in yourself.

Lin believed he could succeed. When he was passed over by the NBA draft, he didn’t give up. When he was sent down to the D-League, he wasn’t insulted, he used the opportunity to improve his skills. When he was waived by two teams in two weeks, he didn’t feel sorry for himself. He worked harder and smarter. Keep at it. Keep working. Keep trying. Never give up.

Think about how you can apply Lin’s approach to basketball to whatever game you’re playing. And if you take his lead, it may not land you on the cover of Sports Illustrated, but it may just earn you a place on your company’s All-Star team.

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