Our Approach

Is your team reaching its potential?

climber At Access Your Ability, there’s no cookie cutter approach to training. We work with you to tailor the curriculum to the specific needs of your team: to give you what you need to improve your success rate.

It’s not just about stakeholder buy-in or closing the sale, although that’s our ultimate goal. It’s about empowering our clients to think critically and gain the skills and confidence to achieve.

How do we “access your ability?”

  • We partner with our clients to assess their needs and objectives
  • We focus on key improvements participants can sustain
  • We help participants foster “strategic chemistry” with their audience
  • We empower participants to present during our sessions and refine their pitches on the spot. We’re not ‘talking heads’—we believe people learn by doing
  • We provide video-recorded feedback and insight on improving our clients’ pitches and delivery
  • We model what we expect from our participants, to have greater ability to connect, compel and drive their audience to action.

Following training, our clients have the skills to create something tangible, whether it’s an engaging PowerPoint presentation, a compelling sales letter or a commanding leave-behind.

Sessions can last a few hours or a few days, depending on the client’s needs.

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