Open Enrollment Workshops

Modeled after our successful on-site training sessions, Access Your Ability has developed a series of full-day, interactive workshops for individuals and small groups. Held in convenient locations, these workshops cover the same time-tested content and also give participants the opportunity to make a live presentation which is individually critiqued. Workshops include a pre- and post-event phone consultation with each participant. In order to provide individualized coaching and training, we must limit enrollment. Please contact us at 917-359-3303 for  more information.

Presenting with Impact: Tapping into Your Power and Presence

Develop a commanding presence that enables you—and your message—to stand out, get noticed and be remembered.

Learn to plan and deliver effective presentations that move your audience to action. This interactive, small-group session offers individualized attention and personal coaching. Every participant is videotaped and critiqued.


Planning a Powerful Presentation: Learn how to structure your presentation for maximum effectiveness, convey your ideas persuasively, tell a compelling story and “read” your audience to adjust your pitch.

Delivering a Powerful Presentation: Discover the power of visual and emotional language; learn how eye contact, movement, gestures and voice enhance your delivery; employ effective visual aids and learn how to overcome nervousness and audience resistance.

Who Should Attend?

This session provides valuable training to those who pitch ideas internally and to clients.

Included in the session is individualized videotaping and critique, pre-session phone consultation, follow-up coaching, all materials, and certificate of completion.   

Personal Influence: Communicating with Credibility and Tact

Master political savvy by maneuvering through internal and external politics to persuasively influence management and colleagues.

This interactive session focuses on the skills, strategies and mindset needed to build consensus and establish credibility. Small groups allow for individualized attention. Participants will receive personal feedback and coaching.


Master the Three Components to Enhance Personal Power: Learn how to establish rapport, project authority and build consensus. Practice listening and questioning techniques and learn how to adjust your communication style to each audience. Learn appropriate words and body language to maximize influence. Develop a personalized action plan to use during your presentations.

Who Should Attend?

This session provides valuable training to those who seek to project greater authority, influence others outside and within their management sphere, and gain buy-in from their colleagues and clients.

For more information, call 917-359-3303 or email us at

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